Your Better Birth Plan


There is a HUGE gap in knowledge for childbirth in most of society today. You may be thinking that your healthcare provider will tell you everything you need to know. And that couldn’t be further from the truth! They are happy to answer questions – but you need to KNOW what to ask the majority …

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Know Your Options

So how can you know about your options and advocate for yourself in birth? By researching your options. I recommend reading ‘The Birth Partner’ by Penny Simkin. It is a wealth of knowledge from pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. this book can act as a guide for your support person so they always have ideas to …

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Why Make a plan?

Find out why making a birth plan is a CRITICAL step in preparing for a positive birth experience. In this lesson, we’ll discuss: the power of a birth plan who’s flow are you going along with knowing and understanding your options what happens when there is a change of plan how to use your birth …

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Creating Your Better Birth Plan

So you’ve figured out what is most important to you in birth. Now we need to write them down and make sure everyone on your care team is on board. It’s never too early to discuss your birth preferences with your healthcare provider. In fact, the earlier the better. If your healthcare provider doesn’t agree …

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Mindset Exercise

This lesson is to help you discover any fears or limiting beliefs you may have about birth. I will take you though what mindfulness is, the benefits that mindfulness can have for birth, and help you develop your own birth affirmation that you can add to your birth plan if it resonates with you. The …

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